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Cyndicate Communication uses a blend of cutting-edge technology & human intelligence protecting copyrighted content and brands across geographical locations. Our strong 100 plus net vigilance team has an in-depth understanding of the online community and the dynamics of internet piracy giving us the wherewithal to achieve more than 95% eradication.

Our solution includes a comprehensive process to protect TV shows at the episodic and catalogue levels too.

We combat for Anti-piracy in 5 ways:

  1. Monitoring:
    Cyndicate Communication deploys its resources for pre and post-release of content monitoring counter-piracy measures that enable the content owners to curb revenue losses. The Infringement Investigation Suite (IIS) uses a combination of detection techniques using web crawling tools, reconnaissance and investigation across social networking sites, cyberlockers, torrents, streaming links, UGC sites & P2P networks (Bit Torrent, eDonkey, Gnutella, Ares, Shareaza, etc). The monitoring is across the internet, based on statistically-modulated keywords, meta tags, and search engine patterns. It also extracts links in infinitely deep directory structures deploying crawlers and decoding techniques. The blend of cutting edge technology and human intelligence has the proficiency to identify 99.99% of the illegal content irrespective of the content type & its geographical locations. Different versions (Cam Rip, PDVD, DVD rip & all versions of Blu-Ray) of the movie that appears on the net are downloaded & investigated to identify the source. Geo-locational details with relevant evidence of violation are provided in event of any possible litigation. The existence of piracy business/websites is more fully based on advertisement revenues & we capture all ad networks with screenshot evidence to eradicate piracy from the grass root level.
  2. Data Analytics:
    Gather information on infringers & free downloaders using customized tools. Identify the source (first up-loaders information) and propagate the system to track/monitor on further uploads.
    Build comprehensive technical evidence that may be used in the event of any possible litigation. Tools like Google AdSense guides in Identification of online ads on web-pages offering pirated content and provide post-notification tracking of the site/ad network pair. Assimilation & segregation of data for business analysis. Our geo-mapping tool helps locate the infringers for law enforcement. Data exporting capabilities to provide data feed based on standard data-transfer protocols like XML.
  3. Enforcement:
    Dispatch takedown notices to copyright infringing hosting sites.
    Our Content Management Moderator Suite (CMMS) has the privilege of removing the infringed content in most of the popular hosting sites by virtue of being their authorized moderators. However, this is a post DMCA notification process to avoid ramifications. Ensuring compliance of takedown notices by notifying ISPs too. We use our understanding of user-defined search techniques to quickly and effectively neutralize unauthorized content. Divert internet users away from sites using traffic diversion methodologies.
  4. Real-Time Reporting (Dashboard):
    Our Online Reporting Suite (ORS) is a customized web-based reporting software that generates reports for a wide range of client-relevant queries. It also has a standard and periodic reporting system that provides brief insights on advertisers, Ad brokers and agents promoting piracy websites. A detailed and user-friendly online reporting system gives the freedom to view/print the current scenario anywhere anytime. The inbuilt advanced tool quantifies the impact of internet piracy and shows the benefits derived by deploying our solutions.
  5. Holistic Approach:
    Beyond all anti-piracy strategies, the success of antipiracy solutions lies in creating awareness and fostering a culture of good digital citizenship where the rights of the copyright owners are recognized, respected and upheld. Creating a climate, conducive to develop a thriving business module to provide access to legitimate digital content to end users.