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Brand Protection

Cyndicate Communication Brand Protection Solutions are designed to prevent brandmisrepresentation, negative publicity and illegal use of brand. We provide solutions to a wide range of brand owners across industries. Our methods effectively identify and protect the Brand from various online threats. We provide customized verifiable reports to validate the tangible benefits of our Brand Protection Solutions.

An array of technical and media tools

Preempt and eradicate brand misuse, gray market, counterfeiting and sales diversion.

Enforce removal of unauthorized use of logos and trademarks by online brand abusers by means of copyright infringement notices and unique techniques.

Eliminate negative publicity in press, forums, RSS feeds, blogs, etc.

Monitor what is being said about your brand globally.

Optimize Internet to promote and safeguard your brand.

Deploy search engine optimization tools to promote your brands visibility online.

Modus Operandi

  • We monitor the top online auction sites and initiate action to remove sellers that infringe on your brand rights.
  • We monitor online retail and third party sites to detect brand misuse.
  • We monitor websites to help prevent frauds such as traffic diversion cyber-squatting.
  • We monitor online communities, blog and news sites to compile information on brand and use it to its advantage.

Reputation Protection Services for acclaimed sportsmen and celebrities

We build and protect online reputation by effectively combating negative publicity. We also provide online image building campaigns customized to your requirements.